Handmade Rising Sun Katana

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With limited stocks available this is a real opportunity to own this fabulous handmade rising sun katana. The black wooden scabbard is speckled with laquer which gives the saya a wet water droplet look. The handle is bound in black nylon cord over a real rayskin grip that is decorated with anodised alloy ornaments. Both the kashira and fushi are made from alloy metal and have an antique finish with gold anodised bands. The metal tsuba is highly decorative with a rising sun theme that is finished with gold anodising and gloss black inlays. The folded metal blade is live and has the appearance similar to damascus steel. Each sword is boxed and ready to display.

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Handmade Rising Sun Katana

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  • Hand Forged Katana
  • Traditional Wooden Saya (Scabbard)
  • Rayskin Tsuka with Black Nylon Ito
  • Decorative Embossed Tsuba (Upper Face)
  • Decorative Embossed Tsuba (Lower Face)
  • Speckled Black Saya (Scabbard)
  • Rayskin Tsuka with Black Nylon Ito
  • Folded Carbon Steel Blade (Live)


Additional Information

Overall Length106cm
Tsuka Length29cm
Blade Length73cm
Saya Length76cm
Handle MaterialReal Rayskin White
Ito and SageoBlack Nylon
TsubaZinc Alloy
SteelFolded Carbon Steel
SayaSpeckled Black Wood