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Heroes Katana!

Hiro Nakamura is the person in the series of Heroes to obtain the Kensei Sword more comonly know by all as the Heroes Katana. 2 versions of the Heroes sword are available at Hunters Knives including a delux handmade version of the Heroes Katana in a brocade box.

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  1. Handmade Hiro Nakamura 'Heroes' Sword

    Handmade Hiro Nakamura 'Heroes' Sword


    The Tatsu forge is known for consistently producing functional and stylish katana swords with an amazing value combined with stunning performance. We like to think of these swords as functional samurai works of art. Completely handmade with close supervision and attention to detail, these swords are designed to be collection center pieces.
    The thick blades are forged from 1045 High Carbo ...Learn More

  2. Straight Hiro Nakamura 'Heroes' Sword

    Straight Hiro Nakamura 'Heroes' Sword


    From the very popular series of Heroes we bring you the Sword. This is the Heroes straight sword and it includes the stand. The Heores sword comes with a generous 30" carbon steel blade and a total length of 48". This Sowrd is for decorational purposes only.

    UK dispatched
    Allow from 3 to 5 days for delivery

    ...Learn More
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