Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner (Serrated)

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Cold Steel's new generation of Mini Tac Neck Knives are astonishingly light at 3 ounces each. Because they're so lightweight, they can be comfortably worn practically 24 hours a day. With their sturdy bead chain lanyards and their rugged Secure Ex® sheaths (specially designed to snugly retain the knife), they can be worn outside clothing and perform as a handy utility or rescue knife.

Provides a long, curved cutting edge with a sharp point. It's ideal for cutting slashing and skinning strokes. It's been extensively field tested in Australia where it single handedly caped a huge buffalo slicing through neck skin over 1" thick!

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Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner (Serrated)

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  • Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner (Serrated)


Additional Information

Overall Length15.2cm
Blade Length7.6cm
Handle MaterialFaux G-10
SteelAUS 8A
Sheath MaterialSecure-Ex Neck