It’s more than a blade – it’s a Schrade

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Schrade Small Extreme Survival One-Piece Drop Forged Clip Point Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF2SM Knife
This is the Schrade SCHF2SM extreme survival knife, one of two smaller size models in this series designed for survival tactical and outdoor use in extreme environments.

The SCHF2SM is a fixed blade 100% fine edge knife that’s drop forged from one solid piece of tough 1070 high carbon steel. Unscrew the water tight end cap with lanyard hole to access the 7 piece removable bit set that’s stored in the handle. Remove the bit set is easily allowing you to fill the handle with your own gear.
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Lucy Cavendish impersonates her 13-year-old son to buy a knife on Amazon

Amazon being the largest global online retailer is very desirable for retail companies trying to reach greater audiences. Building a successful e-commerce website is difficult, very difficult, so the temptation of using a sales platform like Amazon is almost overwhelming.

Yes, Hunters Knives have also used Amazon, ebay and other selling platforms in the past especially during the early stages of building the company both for profitability and in profile but not any more.

As Lucy Cavendish reports in the Daily Mail, it was far too easy for her to impersonate her 13 year old son and buy a range of goods that are age restricted. A knife, porn, alcohol and violent games were added to her shopping list and in the blink of an eye purchased and quickly delivered without being challenged to provide proof of age.
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Bastinelli Creates Great Creations

Explore the french connection from the Hearts of Darkness

Bastinelli LogoBastinelli Creations founder and head poncho Bastien Coves has a hands on approach to knife production and from his small workshop in France, Bastien has produced some refreshing designs that have been making waves since their arrival in 2009. Bastinelli Creations knives caught the attention of hollywood film makers and have since made their debut appearance in the film Lucy.

Bastiens reputation as a leading french knifemaker has been forged with the production of a range of individual custom made knives that are well-made and based on a design style that’s simply stunning. Bastien says that: “Creating a knife is my passion, it’s more than a tool, the knife is a fellow traveler.” By the looks of it Bastien’s travels have been more Hearts of Darkness than a Roman Holiday.
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Old Bear™ Knives Naturally

Old Bear™ is a new and exclusive folding knife which features simple and ergonomic lines

Old Bear LogoIn February we introduced our new range of general purpose pocket knives that’s great for handymen, craftsmen, scouts … well just about anybody! A Old Bear™ knife from Antonini is at home in the garden just as much as it is in a potters studio.

Trim, slice or cut; Old bear™ is ready for any action and every Old Bear™ knife involves a totally hands on manufacturing process that embodies the high levels of skill and experience needed to create a reliable blade that will last a lifetime.

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Interruption of Service

On Wednesday 10th February, at 2.35pm, the UK based data centre facility which houses Hunters Knives servers suffered an interruption in power due to emergency works. This caused disruption to the Hunters Knives website and email system.

So, what happened?
Our failsafe mechanism which prevents lose of power to all the servers was incorrectly triggered by an onsite engineer. The power outage lasted roughly 10 minutes, after which our server’s automatically rebooted back online – however, just like pulling the plug of a computer whilst running an application, this reboot caused issues and a small percentage of data loss.

Backups are constantly made by the Hunters Knives team, and as a result after 48 hours the majority of our websites databases were back-up and running.

Some customers have since reported that they are unable to login to their accounts and this maybe due to the data loss during this time. If you have been affected in this way, please create a new account and use the contact us link if you have any queries regarding your order status or history. Alternatively, call us on 0161 213 9981 and our customer services representatives can assist you further.

Will this happen again?
No. A fault of this nature is almost unheard of and we have now introduced an off-site back-up mechanism to ensure that this cannot happen again.

Is this a hack or cyber attack?
No. This was simply a human error.

Were my card details safe?
Yes – always! We do not hold or store credit or debit card information on our servers – ever!

We would like to apologise to all customers who have been affected during this time and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We have been working around the clock to resolve all remaining issues, and will continue to until everything has been restored to our normal high level of service.

You’ve seen a SOG Knife before without realizing…

SOG Knives have been in so many films and TV Series that it´s hard to keep track of them, but here are some of the most obvious ones, like Terminator 2, The Crow, Battlestar Galactica, Fast Five, Hawai Five-o and many more. Have a look to see if you recognize any of the below or let us know if you have seen any in other films we haven’t mentioned and earn yourself a special discount to purchase any SOG Knife.

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Video: SOG Speciality Knives and Tools

See the SOG knife range in our shop…

Video Transcript:
1964, a highly classified special ops unit known as Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group; or MACV-SOG carries a uniques combat knife into the jungle on covert missions.

Years later in 1986 that knife inspires a young designer named Spencer Frazer to found SOG to pay tribute to that special ops unit with his very first knife. What begins as a single commemorative model soon becomes a full line of innovative tools. Field proven by US special forces and after rigorous testing, honoured as the navy seal knife of choice.

And today there’s a SOG for anyone who demands the best, so whether you’re protecting others, guiding a job to completion, leading an epic expedition, tackling one of life’s everyday challenges or facing your most extreme conditions yet, no matter what your task or where you go lead the way with SOG.

Forged out of tradition, hardened in the field, honed for you. SOG – Take Point

Ban the Banning

Hunters Knives received and email yesterday from Daniel Wainwright, a journalist from the Express and Star newspaper, in his email Daniel asks:

I see you sell Zombie Hunter machetes on your website.

There are campaigners against knife crime in the West Midlands calling for them to be banned.

Would you be able to explain why people purchase these knives and what their practical use is? It is argued that they are intended for nothing more than to threaten or even to kill.

And it is suggested that the wording of the adverts, while light hearted, is glorifying the possession of dangerous weapons. Would you have anything to say in response?

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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