Video: There are no shortcuts to perfection

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Video Transcript:
Every Helle Knife is made at the factory at Holmedal in Western Norway, surrounded by the raw and rugged fjords and mountains of the west coast knife production has developed in accordance with the needs and demands of farmers, hunters and fishing communities.

Since 1932 knife making has been a tradition and passion for Helle. Amongst other things this passion has resulted in the famous Helle steel, a laminated triple layered stainless steel, a little more expensive but we just won’t compromise on quality.

The shaft must be both practical and attractive. This demands carefully chosen materials and meticulous sanding, oiling and polishing. Norwegian sheath making handcraft is unique and Helle knife sheaths are based on these traditions. Starting with a specially tanned leather, dying embossing, stitching and shaping are done by well practised hands and vigilant eyes.

Helle knives are not made by machines, they are made by hand, by people. All knives are created by highly skilled craftsmen who care deeply about their work. It is the care, meticulous skill that and love for the craft that allows us to guaranteed the quality of every Helle knife that leaves our factory in Holmedal.

For this reason we can also say that every Helle knife is unique. We know that there are cheaper ways to produce knives, but we also know that there are no shortcuts to perfection.

Video: Buck Knives – Edge of Legend

Video Transcript:

Chuck Buck:
Buck knives is a family business. We wanna make sure everything we make fits exactly what people want.

CJ Buck:
This is a familiy legacy it really is a giving back so to speak.

Chuck Buck:
My grandfather (Hoyt Buck) started Buck knives and so it’s definately a family business, he was about 15 and later on he got married and he was pasturing a chuch in idaho when hawai got bombed and a call went out for the servicemen to get some knives and stuff, and so he thought I can do that so in the basement of that church he made 2000 knives out of old files. He got the handle material from the canopies of the war planes that they had in the scrap out there at the airbase right next door. And so he used those for the handles, that’s how it got started.

CJ Buck:
The foundation of manufacturing, is people and it’s processes and it’s attention to detail. We talked a little bit about a family company, families care, that attention to detail is truly what happens when no one is looking and that attention to detail is what you notice when your out in the middle of nowhere and you’ve got to depend on a tool to get you out of there.

So from heat treat to the people actually manufacturing, to assembly, to manufacturing of parts. All of those elements combined we just pay attention… we just pay attention. So making sure that this company continues to function at the level of an american icon, it’s more than just products, it’s more than just messages it is a heart felt desire to inspire confidence in people, so if they are out on an adventure if they are in the field in everyday life they’ve got a trusted companion they can depend on.

Everywhere we go we hear stories from customers about how this knife saved there life, or how I went through the war or came back home, or whatever adventure they got through this knife has become part of them. It’s an extension of them, it’s very personal and so if your going to build something that’s going to connect with somebody so much it better be darn good.

That’s the bottom line of what Buck Knives is alll about.

What on earth Google is wrong with!

Since September 2014 all the advertisements for sports and tactical knives disappeared from Googles search results in the UK. This was the result of changes made to Googles advertising rules which, in-short, prohibited the advertising of knives on it’s marketing platform Adwords.

Whether you noticed this or not Googles advertising changes have had an impact on you, so should you be concerned? As a customer you didn’t get all the promotional offers for the last eight months, it also means that you missed that last minute deal and you could have bought the same knife for £18 less from there instead.

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Last Months (Free Draw Prize) Winner

Hunters Knives Prize Draw Winner

‘Congratulations Ben’

This month we’re giving away a fab Old Western Hunter from Linder worth £99.99. And just like Ben your chance to win it couldn’t be simpler, every time you spend over £20 you will automatically be entered into our FREE Prize Draw Giveaway!

This promotion will start on the 15th of May 2015 and will end on the 15th of June 2015 at midnight.

Select the ideal handle

Choosing your handle material is usually just a matter of personal preference but there are reasons why the manufacturers have selected a specific handle material, it could be that the wood is sourced locally or that it has special properties that make it resistant to salt water, resists mould or cracking over it’s lifetime. We have listed a few of the more common handle materials selected by knife manufacturers below and provided a short guide on the material source, price, origin and use. We hope you’ll find it useful!

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