Old Bear™ Knives Naturally

Old Bear™ is a new and exclusive folding knife which features simple and ergonomic lines

Old Bear LogoIn February we introduced our new range of general purpose pocket knives that’s great for handymen, craftsmen, scouts … well just about anybody! A Old Bear™ knife from Antonini is at home in the garden just as much as it is in a potters studio.

Trim, slice or cut; Old bear™ is ready for any action and every Old Bear™ knife involves a totally hands on manufacturing process that embodies the high levels of skill and experience needed to create a reliable blade that will last a lifetime.

Old Bear Knife
The carefully selected walnut wood handle is aged oil treated to enhance the wood grain and extend the handle life. The stainless steel blade is stone sharpened by skilled and qualified craftsman’ hands and salt-etched with the Old Bear™ logo.

Old Bear’s patented blade locking system features a solid safety ring to securely fix the handle in open and closed position so it won’t close or open when you don’t want it to.

We spoke to Antonini and asked them what the inspiration behind Old Bear™ was, there answer was simple.

“From the raw materials to the finished product everything is  totally natural even down to the packaging. Old Bear represents a truly handmade knife that can be enjoyed by generations. You never really own an Old Bear knife you are purely a custodian until it’s time to pass it on.”

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 420 steel – HRC 54/56   HANDLE: Matured Walnut Wood
SAFETY RING: Brass with locking   FINISHING: Polished stainless steel
Old Bear Packaging

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