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Schrade Small Extreme Survival One-Piece Drop Forged Clip Point Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF2SM Knife
This is the Schrade SCHF2SM extreme survival knife, one of two smaller size models in this series designed for survival tactical and outdoor use in extreme environments.

The SCHF2SM is a fixed blade 100% fine edge knife that’s drop forged from one solid piece of tough 1070 high carbon steel. Unscrew the water tight end cap with lanyard hole to access the 7 piece removable bit set that’s stored in the handle. Remove the bit set is easily allowing you to fill the handle with your own gear.

At a pinch, use the cap end of the knife as a crushing, breaking and hammering tool, the tough solid steel handle is crafted to withstand abuse and the comfortable textured grip helps to keep the knife in your hand.

Coated with a durable, non-reflective matte finish which gives the knife a low visual signature, the SCHF2SM is perfect for covert operations. The rugged 5.6″ clip point blade forms a sharp tip for poking, piercing and fine cutting and the sharp edge thick blade spine in solid one piece construction makes the SCHF2SM well suited for extreme adventures, survival and bushcraft. Carried in a heavy duty ballistic nylon sheath, the knife is held firmly in place with an adjustable handle strap. The removable front pouch is is crafted of all your essential tactical or survival gear.

A three foot nylon lanyard is included to lash the sheath bottom to your thigh or for use as emergency cordage. The flap and strap loop system secures the knife to your belt without removing it. For multiple carry options use the adjustable rear strap to attach to your MOLLE compatible gear.

Designed for hard use, crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime, the Schrade SCHF2SM extreme survival knife now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade One-Piece Drop Forged Boot Knife Spear Point Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF21 Knife
This is the Schrade SCHF21 fixed blade boot knife designed with tactical and survival applications in mind. The SCHF21 is drop forged from 1070 high carbon steel and provides an extremely sharp edge throughout the 4.5″ of its spear point blade. This one piece of drop forged steel is further machined and finished ultimately creating a handsome incredibly strong solid knife.

A simple press on the release lever makes deploying the knife lightening quick and the twin fine edges of the blood grooved blade provide bi-direction cutting and slicing capability.

The 4.5″ handles textured surface provides solid grip actions even is ever changing environmental situations and the glass breaking tip extends the knifes capabilities. Unscrew the end cap to store a ferro rod, whistle or rolled up mat the tips rubber o-ring seal keeps the compartment waterproof.

Slide the SCHF21 back into the glass filled nylon boot sheath with the de-turned groove facing upwards until the lever engages and holds the knife fast.

Attach the sheath to your boot, thigh, belt or torso the possibilities are endless given the multiple retention options afforded by way of the rugged steel clip and twin sheath slots.

With a rugged one-piece design machined to prevail against the unknown crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime – the Schrade SCHF21 boot knife now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade Extreme Survival M-9 Bayonet Fixed Blade TPR Handle

Schrade SCHF6B bayonet
This is the Schrade SCHF6B M-9 Bayonet knife. One of three models in the SCHF6 series the heft, size and strength of the double edged SCHF6B M-9 bayonet bears witness to the intent of this superior knife.

Designed for extreme survival and tactical operations the blade is forge out of 420J2 stainless steel that’s able to withstand the constant rigours of harsh use. The blade is covered in a durable non-reflective black powder coating and the blades shank is sits wrapped in a black TPR deep grooved handle providing excellent lightweight grip surface with superior tear strength and weather resistance even under extreme conditions.

Razor sharp and ready for action, the partially serrated main bayonet blade brandishes a 8″ fine edge and on the spine side a 3.3″ fine edge converges to form a drop point that is ready for any piercing, poking, cutting or slicing assignment.

While the partially serrated portion of the main blade stands eager to handle any sawing or chopping task. Spring loaded clips on the handle butt allow you to quickly attach the SCHF6B M-9 bayonet knife to a military M-16. A black polymer scabbard with built in sharpening stone allows you to maintain the blades fine cutting edge no matter where you happen to be.

A spring in the scabbards receiver firmly grips the blade on entry and dual handle snaps ensures the bayonet is held safe and secure until you need it. The sheaths MOLLE compatible rear snap and strap system allows for multiple carry options on belts, vest or packs and a large hole in the sheath bottom allows water to drain in challenging weather conditions.

Designed for combat, tactical and extreme survival use crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime, the Schrade SCHF6B M-9 bayonet is now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade Little Ricky Full Tang Drop Point Re-Curve Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF28 knife
Say hello to the Schrade SCHF28 full tang fixed blade knife with an overall length just over 14″, there’s no job too big for the SCHF28. This titanium coated titan features a drop point recurve blade forged from super tough edge holding 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel weighing in at a well balanced 20.8oz. The SCHF28 arrives seriously sharp and with the unrivalled strength of a full tang.

With an appetite for chopping the recurve design allows the blade belly to penetrate deep into the heartiest of hardwoods. Use the finger choil in conjunction with the jimping along the spine of the blade for controlled carving, such as making feather sticks to light a camp fire.

The textured all weather TPE handle slabs are well suited for the robust grip of the avid outdoorsman with finger guard and hole promoting comfortable and safe all day chopping.

The handle offers a lanyard hole for attaching cordage. The SCHF28 rides in a durable multi carry option thermal plastic belt sheath with rabbit holes that allow essential gear such as ferro rods to be easily attached. A recurved drop point chopper ready to take on anything the back country cares to serve up.

Made from premium materials and built for a lifetime the Schrade SCHF28 full tang fixed blade knife is now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade Frontier Full Tang Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF42 knife
This is the Schrade SCHF42 frontier series full tang fixed blade knife. The Griffin design SCHF42 combines rugged great looks with functional reliability. Nearly 10″ in length the knife enjoys multiple benefits of a full tang forged from easily sharpened 1095 high carbon steel. The sharp tip of the drop point blade offers powerful piercing strength. The 5.12″ fine edge with a slight recurve as it approaches the handle arrives slicing sharp straight from Schrade.

Deeply grooved jimping on the blades thick steel spine gives you a solid platform for exerting added downforce and increases blade control no matter the cutting task. The iconic griffin design logo appears just below the jimping.

The 4.83″ grivory handle slabs are heat, chemical, abrasion and corrosion resistant and are solidly attached to the full tang by dual steel bolts. The tangs end extends through the contoured handle to form a crushing tool as well as providing a lanyard hole.

Sheath the SCHF42 in the black premium leather reinforced belt sheath. The generous loop accommodates belts of nearly any size and the single snap strap makes for easy access.

A Griffin designed knife for discriminating outdoorsmen, crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime – The Schrade SCHF42 frontier series full tang fixed blade knife is now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade Jethro Full Tang Drop Point Re-Curve Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade Jethro SCHF48
This is the Schrade SCHF48 Jethro Machete. Bold brawny and built for the back country the SCHF48 Jethro machete is forged from a single slab of tough, edge retaining 3Cr13 stainless steel.

A thick full tang spine drops to meet the razor sharp 10″ full fine edge forming a massive spear point capable of the toughest piercing tasks. Chop, baton, split and process raw materials with ease due to the canted blade, large belly and forward weighted centre of gravity.

A generous finger choil is provided for increased balance, leverage and control making precision notching, slicing and cutting a snap. The rubberised TPE handle slabs are patterned to channel moisture away from the hand, prevent hotspots and keep the blade under your full control at all times.

Comfort is further enhanced by ergonomic finger contours, a palm matching spine side curve and handle end flares that ensure a positive grip during extended use.

Front and rear lanyard holes allow cordage to be added for an additional level of security. To safely hold Jethro on your next adventure snap the blade into it’s rugged black nylon fibre sheath, further secure the knife in place using the loop handle strap.

Carry the SCHF48 on any belt or use the included strap with an adjustable pad to sling the blade over your shoulder. Easily lash or strap the knife onto a pack using the plentiful array of grommets and slots.

Designed for hard use in the back country, crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime, the Schrade SCHF48 Jethro machete is now available at Hunters Knives.

Schrade Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF53BS knife
This is the Schrade SCHF53BS fixed blade full tang knife with MOLLE compatible sheath. Sleek, compact and versatile SCHF53BS tactical knife is forged from tough edge retaining AUS-8 high carbon stainless steel. This stalwart fixed blade full tang knife supports a 4.42″ drop point recurve blade giving it the ability to take on any cutting or piercing task set before it.

Covered in a tough corrosion resistant coating this handsome blade is finished off with a blood groove, giving it a covert look and feel. While the part serrated edge helps with tasks requiring more cutting power.

The handle is covered in a textured TPE overmold which provides exceptional grip, comfort and durability to aid an all weather traction. The thumb wrap along with three position jimping enhances control of the blade. Placing your pinky finger in the rear grip ring with further aid knife handling security.

The tang terminates where the bottom end nib capable of breaking and crushing things. The glass filled nylon sheath can be attached to a belt, or use the rear strap to attach the knife to any MOLLE compatible pack or gear. Easily remove the strap assembly for discrete carry in pocket or pouch.

Tough, compact and easy to carry in any situation, crafted from premium materials and built for a lifetime the Schrade SCHF53BS fixed blade full tang knife with MOLLE compatible sheath is now available at Hunters Knives.

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