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Bushcraft Basics – Living with Mother Nature

Bushcraft is an adventurous Australian term for wilderness skills that has been adopted by enthusiasts around the world. Bushcraft simply refers to the skills that are required to live comfortably in the wild rather than a need to just survive an unexpected predicament. Bushcrafters prepare for their journey with a basic kit that allows them to camp out in relative comfort and take advantage of the natural surroundings and resources.

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Bushcraft Kit Now Available!

 It’s here!  UK Bushcraft Kit from Hunters Knives  

It’s NEW, it’s OPEN and it’s packed with all the essential BUSHCRAFT KIT. Choose from our large range of  Tents, Hammocks, Rucksacks, Hiking Boots and Camping Accessories. Lowest prices on all the leading brands.

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Choose A Bushcraft Knife Best For You?

Bushcraft knives come in different styles and cater for varying needs. They come in different steel, blades, styles, etc. even though the variety can be quite confusing, the best way to get the best is to put the knives to the task and test them in the wild. This is because these survival tools are designed to make your life easier and unless you are an expert in bushcraft, you never know what kind of help you need. We offered our top picks above and they cover a wide price range and functionality. Use our guide as a starting point and you can surely find the right bushcraft knife for your needs in no time! In the mean time, go check out our most popular articles to learn more about knives!

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