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Explore the french connection from the Hearts of Darkness

Bastinelli LogoBastinelli Creations founder and head poncho Bastien Coves has a hands on approach to knife production and from his small workshop in France, Bastien has produced some refreshing designs that have been making waves since their arrival in 2009. Bastinelli Creations knives caught the attention of hollywood film makers and have since made their debut appearance in the film Lucy.

Bastiens reputation as a leading french knifemaker has been forged with the production of a range of individual custom made knives that are well-made and based on a design style that’s simply stunning. Bastien says that: “Creating a knife is my passion, it’s more than a tool, the knife is a fellow traveler.” By the looks of it Bastien’s travels have been more Hearts of Darkness than a Roman Holiday.

Bastinelli Creations Knives Military FoldingBastinelli Creations Knives Boot KnivesBastinelli Creations Knives Military RangeBastinelli Creations Knives Daggers 2Bastinelli Creations Knives Tactical Range

Quality D2 and RWL34 steels are typically used with an occasional exception to this rule. Handles are produced from a select range of G10 micarta, woods, carbon and para rope.

No two Bastinelli Creations knives are the same, this is good, as no handmade knife can truly have an identical twin which is why Bastien guarantees each one is unique. Because of growing popularity it wasn’t possible for manufacturing side to keep up with the demand for the knives so being the savvy businessman   introduced a range of ‘Industrial’ knives that are more commercially available – which means more affordable too!

A collection of Bastinelli Creations knives titled ‘Industrial’ are produced commercially by Lionsteel, Viper and Fox in Italy and Mid Tech in France however the main custom range of knives are still produced by Bastien in his workshop. With these very distinguished manufacturers producing the Industrial range of knives it’s reassuring to know that these company’s are willing to stake their reputations on Bastiens knife designs.

In summary, you can’t go wrong with a Bastinelli Creations knife, quality of the build, materials used, that important attention to detail and range of awesome styles. The only problem we can see, is choosing the right one for you!

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