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What on earth Google is wrong with!

Since September 2014 all the advertisements for sports and tactical knives disappeared from Googles search results in the UK. This was the result of changes made to Googles advertising rules which, in-short, prohibited the advertising of knives on it’s marketing platform Adwords.

Whether you noticed this or not Googles advertising changes have had an impact on you, so should you be concerned? As a customer you didn’t get all the promotional offers for the last eight months, it also means that you missed that last minute deal and you could have bought the same knife for £18 less from there instead.

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Last Months (Free Draw Prize) Winner

Hunters Knives Prize Draw Winner

‘Congratulations Ben’

This month we’re giving away a fab Old Western Hunter from Linder worth £99.99. And just like Ben your chance to win it couldn’t be simpler, every time you spend over £20 you will automatically be entered into our FREE Prize Draw Giveaway!

This promotion will start on the 15th of May 2015 and will end on the 15th of June 2015 at midnight.

Select the ideal handle

Choosing your handle material is usually just a matter of personal preference but there are reasons why the manufacturers have selected a specific handle material, it could be that the wood is sourced locally or that it has special properties that make it resistant to salt water, resists mould or cracking over it’s lifetime. We have listed a few of the more common handle materials selected by knife manufacturers below and provided a short guide on the material source, price, origin and use. We hope you’ll find it useful!

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Steel composition and information guide

Choosing the right steel is important when buying a knife and that decision should always reflect on the knifes intended use. Hunting, survival, bushcraft and combat knives require a high carbon steel for strength and edge retention whereas a decorative or collectible knife may require a rust resistant stainless steel that can be polished to a high finish.

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Kershaw Emerson – Best Buy!

Knife designer and producer Ernest Emerson has built his reputation for creating some of the best EDC (Every Day Carry) knives in the world. To spice things up put him together with knife US manufacturers Kershaw and what do you get? Perhaps the most affordable range of well built folding knives to whet the appetite of all EDC enthusiasts. The Emerson/Kershaw Knives collaboration won the Blade Show 2014 “Best Buy of the Year” award and certainly appealed to show visitors and judges alike.
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Zero Tolerance

Not all partnerships work, however Zero Tolerance and Rick Hinderer seem to have the edge!

Kai USA Ltd, manufacturers of Zero Tolerance have built their reputation on producing a range of combat knives built of premium materials such as S30V, ELMAX, or 154CM blade steel with G-10 and carbon-fiber handles.  Rick on-the-other-hand is amongst americas leading knife designers with meticulous attention to  knife making which has earned him a well deserved reputation amongst the knife fraternity.
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