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Bushcraft Basics – Living with Mother Nature

Bushcraft is an adventurous Australian term for wilderness skills that has been adopted by enthusiasts around the world. Bushcraft simply refers to the skills that are required to live comfortably in the wild rather than a need to just survive an unexpected predicament. Bushcrafters prepare for their journey with a basic kit that allows them to camp out in relative comfort and take advantage of the natural surroundings and resources.

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Are Machetes too dangerous for the UK?

Machete Crimes on the rise

Daily Star Article: Police make fresh call for machete ban with 100 incidents in month

The UK press likes nothing better than hacking the phones of famous people and to sensationalise (news) stories in the interest of selling more newspapers. So, it’s no surprise that in between the pages of c-grade scantily clad celebrities, killer insects and the latest Jeremy Kyle advertorial the Daily Star managed to insert a soundbite report on the growing concerns of the british police in relation to the spiralling use of machetes in violent crimes.

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Bushcraft Kit Now Available!

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